Who we are

D.T. Niles once said that, “Christianity is one beggar telling another beggar where he found bread.” Followers of Jesus can certainly find much truth in that statement. At West Green Tree, we realize that we are far from perfect but we have found and follow the Bread of Life – Jesus Christ. We strive to be authentic and real to each other and others who come to our door. We are a medium sized “Subrural” Church (A rural church with the suburbs popping up around us.) Our main purpose is to reach those who do not know the saving grace of Jesus Christ, to develop disciples to be more Christ-like and to do our best to love one another on our journey home to Heaven. We endeavor to use our gifts, talents, time and treasure to build up His kingdom. Read on and come and join us -- there is Bread for all.

our mission

To know, love, and follow Jesus by serving others!